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Cold Presses

Cold Presses

Kocayusuf cold presses are produced in different sizes, gaps and pressures according to the configuration requested by the customers, with one or more, automatic loading and unloading, bottom or top moving trays. Hundreds of Kocayusuf cold press machines are preferred by their customers in various parts of the world.

Technicial Specifications
- Plate dimensions
- Cylinder stroke: 200-1500 mm.
- Press opening: 200-2000 mm.
- Number of cylinders: 4-16
- Pressing force: 70-100-110-125-160-220 tons

Plate Dimensions
-Width / With : 800-1 000-1100-1500 mm
-Length / Length : 1600-2200-3000-4000-4500 mm
-CE standards

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